• arrow keys: movement
  • spacebar: action key
  • m: view map
  • r: rotate map piece (in map view)


At the end of the family hike, you begin to make the way back to the boat. However, a gust of wind blows your map away, scattering the pieces across the whole park! Oh, and you forgot your son back at the cabin. Better hurry up before the boat leaves.

This game is a tribute to my father, a lover of the great outdoors and alcohol.


Work your way through the world to the cabin. Pick up your son. Get to the boat.

Staying on the path is fastest.

You have to find a map piece before progressing to the next area. You can open the map view (press 'm') and rotate a piece to make it fit how you like (press 'r'). Note that the piece must fit all surrounding entrances before you can place it!

Be careful! Not all games are solvable, especially if you place pieces like a hungover dad.


Code and design: Fredric Dorothy

Tileset: by Stefan Beller

Cabin artwork: /

Character artwork:

Boat artwork:

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


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Great work! I beat it. Took me a little while. The trail system with the maps is a really cool concept.