Legend of Sigmund v1.0.1 Update

Made several fixes based on feedback from players

  • warn about missing the sword in camp and suggest that the shield comes later
  • clarify that attack / shield are mouse buttons not l or r
  • reworked level 1 switch to be more clear
  • added a title to the world map to make it slightly more clear what is going on
  • don't show wanderer's brother after the blue switch has been activated
  • scattered potions throughout the level
  • removed random potion drops

These changes will hopefully make how to play the game more obvious for people unfamiliar with similar games, and make the ability to get potions more fair.


SigmundTheMouse_Web_1.0.1.zip Play in browser
Mar 31, 2019
LegendOfSigmund_MacOSX_1.0.1.app.zip 23 MB
Mar 31, 2019
SigmundTheMouse_Win_1.0.1.zip 19 MB
Mar 31, 2019
SigmundTheMouse_Linux_1.0.1.zip 22 MB
Mar 31, 2019

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