• The sword is in the first camp level! You don't get the shield or bow until later
  • Use the left mouse button to attack
  • Once you leave camp you are on the world map and can move with w, a, s, d to any trails that are light-brown. You unlock levels once you play through them!
  • You can exit maps at the start if you want to save your coins or new weapons
  • Games are saved in player preferences, so you can come back and play later where you left off


  • movement: WASD
  • jump: SPACE
  • enter tunnel: W
  • attack: left mouse button or use the [ key
  • shield: right mouse button or use the ] key
  • change weapon: tab
  • pause: escape


As each year begins and the cold winters retreat, more goblins are found lurking in the woods of Voleton, a small mouse kingdom on the river. The mice have grown accustomed to the light raiding parties by equipping themselves with shields and swords.

However, this year is different. The mouse princess Signy is to be married. Her brother, Sigmund mouse is away on a hunting trip, catching fish for his sister's wedding party, when the village is suddenly attacked! A horde of goblins capture the mouse town and enslave the mice's fairies. Sigmund must free his people and make it back for his sister's very special day.

Game by Fredric, @redmountainman1 on twitter.

Music taken from "Art of Escapism" on https://opengameart.org/content/harp-theme-destroyed-sanctuary


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Some goblin got on top of me and it was game over for the prince!"))

I liked he fact that you can still use your sword when using the  block! Maybe instead of a bow you can throw your sword then go get it back! :)) Anyway nice  game also the music is nice! 

Thanks for the feedback! I'm planning on doing another one of these mouse and goblin games pretty soon, so keep tuned. :)


Cool adventure, thanks

Few notes:

  1. Make a secondary controls layout with Cursor keys and Z-X-C
  2. Doesn't work on itch.io on Ubuntu (hw accel? package it as electron?)
  3. When run in browser, mouse clicking selects page content and slows down the game (#1 would resolve this)

Thanks for the reply, I'll look into it for the next patch!


Hey! Leave a comment here to let me know what you thought and how it could have been better!