Legend of Sigmund the Mouse Postmortem

The Legend of Sigmund game started as a single-button combat game intended for mobile. I started it last November, and it morphed over several months into a full keyboard and mouse game. The game idea and mechanics transformed so much over the course of developing it, that the code couldn't catch up. I have an entire inventory systems and AI written up in the code that were not even used!

The original game was titled "Heroes". You stood in the center and enemies would attack from all sides. You could click and your character's AI would decide which enemy to attack and how. It was boring, so I started morphing it into what was released.

The story came much later in the process. I'm a big fan of Tolkien, and Northern European folklore and mythology. This game is loosely based off of some characters in Tolkien's translation of Sigurd and Gudrun.

I feel like I did some things right with this project. I really spent time getting the art, music and sound effects looking and sounding good to me. I asked around for help from designers. I had people test the game, wrote down what they didn't like, and tried my best to resolve every thing they brought up. I am fairly satisfied with the result. This is probably the best game I've put out there.

I am considering continuing the story. It sort of left off right before the shit hits the fan in Tolkien's Sigurd and Gudrun. I might do a prequel as well that focuses on the goblin backstories. I'm not sure. I feel like this is a genre that I could expand on.

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